Touch of the Irish

I’m putting up this photo for my buddy “Kiss me I’m probably Irish Dan Finnegan.” Dan and I are both lovers of the handle. I ran across this handle with a pot underneath of it in the dining room here at Chosin Pottery. This jar was made by Robert Irish Flynn who was a Prof at the University of Manitoba in the 80’s along with Bob Archambeau.  What makes this handle work so well is the scale of the vessel it inhabits. The touch of the Irish is so apparently strong in this floor piece. I know the Vikings got around so maybe just maybe if I did a DNA test there is a touch of the Irish in me. It is rather large and I am biting my tongue to ask what it could be used for? I know it would be perfect for bacon but besides that I’m not sure.
What function does a painting serve? This is the perfect example of a pot serving a visual function. There are a rather large number of those pots here. Too big for flowers or bacon but they occupy a space. This is one time when I wish The Cactus Lounge were bigger. This thought only hours after talking with Robin’s daughter Karen about moving into a tiny house of 280 square feet. The tiny house movement makes sense on so many levels except what to do with all my crap, and corruption.
Hey Danny here is another nice handle on a functional sized vessel by Katrina Chaytor. Katrina  was a Prof at Alberta College of Art and Design is from the eastern province of Newfoundland which was first discovered by the Vikings and is as close to being Irish as Ireland.  News has it Katrina is back home in Nfld making pots. The one province in Canada I have never visited. It is on my bucket list.
I'll treat myself to an Irish 7 course meal- 6 Guiness and a potato.


Debbie said…
You are a howl!! I'm stealing the "six Guinness and a potato" joke.

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