Ensconce dates back to 1580 when it literally meant to covered by a fort. You don’t need a fort to be ensconced but the idea of being surrounded by familiar objects and friends is a form of being ensconced. Memories can also be a form of ensconcement.  With that in mind I am totally ensconced after living most of my life in south western Ontario.  It is the age old idea that the pasture is greener on the other side of the fence or country.
I have long dreamed of living in the mountains. I dreamed of living in northern England and the south of France. Here I am totally ensconced in rural Ontario amongst the corn fields, soya and the Carolinian forests.
My aunt and uncle first dreamed of setting up their studio in Grande Mannan on The Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. They spent their entire career in Aylmer where I have landed.  There are no mussels, no oysters, and no views of the sea. There are the corn and soya fields and the pockets of hardwood forest and the wonderful brick houses that speak to me of being home.  I arrived home to The Cactus Lounge late to the welcoming sheets of my own bed, the cast iron bra, the bullet proof panties and  a globe of places I’ve yet to go. And God said unto Jesus “Go forth my son and spread banter.”
I have at least a day of life’s maintenance to catch up on- banking, laundry, groceries and you all know the drill. There is also that 3 hour jet lag I’m fighting. I have to get back into the studio. I have some ideas I want to try out. It was great to take time to breath in. I haven’t done that for a loooong time.  Time to breath out. I have a show to get ready for.

Not all that wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkein


Unknown said…
Thanks, Mr T. Lots of lessons in there.
smokieclennell said…
Geez Tom I thought you had learned all the lessons.T

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