Fail it ain't so bad

take me for instance. There are a lot of experiences in life that some see as failures- failed businesses, failed marriages, failed firings, failed courses in school.  Few of our failures are fatal and in fact  you need to embrace the prospect of failure to achieve eventual success. Failure is success in progress. I knew to attract a good audience at my public lecture at The Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby, BC. Failure has more of an audience than success.
With the lecture over we were on to a 3 day hands on workshop. Whenever I conduct a workshop a party or two seems to break out. I think much of the learning that happens is after hours when we discuss and dissect what we did all day long.
We had dinner one evening with Jabba the Hutt and then we had a wood fired pizza party at The Shadbolt Centre. Always nice to have a pizza oven next to the wood kiln.
I was pleased to be in the company of two of my associates from Sheridan back in The Centre of the Universe- Ontario. Ying-Yeuh Chan is now teaching in Vancouver and Fredi Rahn is one of the technicians at The Shadbolt Centre. The gang moved a pile of clay and the three days seemed to slip away. We were just hitting our stride when the workshop was over.
Thanks to Rebecca, Linda, Fredi, Jay,and Tony be keeping this well oiled machine moving. You're the best!
Now over to the Island to attend to the Grass.


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