A bird in the hand

I rescued this wee naked porcelain song bird from the chamber and brought her home. I have to patiently wait for Jen to come in the morning for the unload. A bird in the hand is hopefully an omen of the flock of them to exit the kiln tomorrow.
I also pulled out a teapot to check it out and then had to put it back so as not to ruin Christmas for Jen.
I know Emma will be anxious to see her big boyzzz when she comes this weekend. At 28” tall we loaded them on their sides resting on sea shells. Looks like good colour.  Jen and I unload tomorrow and clean up the kiln to get ready for the fam damily to appear to reload and fire again this weekend.
What an amazing team I have assembled for this firing. I taught all of them at Sheridan College School of Craft and Design with the exception of Jen who I have given an honorary degree with flying colours. She attended my University of Hard Knocks. The team Teresa Dunlop, Anne Marie Row, Chris de Takesy, Emma Smith, Andrea Poorter, Jen Drysdale, Andrew Kellner, Cassara Kennedy and me.

The businesses that will succeed in the coming decades will offer an experience. This weekend all 5 of the senses will be covered. We have taste- a pot luck Friday night at my house, a wood fired pizza party Saturday and always good food in the kiln kitchen. We are having a music jam session on the Saturday in the bandstand right beside the kiln. We have 50 acres of beautiful pines, a huge pond with ducks, geese, muskrats and all kinds of wildlife including Roxy and Maggie the kiln mascots. The smell of food, smoke and wet dogs will fill the air. As for touch we always enjoy a group hug and will move several tons of wood. Amber Zuber home from Royal College of Art in London is also reported to be coming. All my Art School kids have come home to their Uncle Buck. He couldn’t be happier.


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