Being an artist!

There is something we artists have in common. I mean the hard core artists. The ones that have given their entire lives to being artists. Every chance I get I go see Fred Eaglesmith. Tonight I went to a show with just he and his very hot and talented wife Gin Tif from south Texas.
His charity picnic is all weekend here at Springwater and it is not to be missed by those of us that like music, friendship and story telling.
I liked what he wrote in his program for his show tonight in Mytown.  People ask him how to have a career like his. Here is his answer.:
Start writing songs when you are 10 years old. Grow up with poverty, agriculture, religion and eight siblings. Run away from home. Hop freight trains. Start a business. Lose a business. Struggle to get a gig. Drive to Nashville with no money and a pocket full of songs. Get a record deal. Lose a record deal. Win a Juno Award. Break down on the side of the road everyday for days on end. Become a cult hero and amass a following of self-proclaimed Fred Heads. Tour relentlessly. Become everyone’s favourite. Become nobody’s favourite. Follow your gut. Smarten up. Don’t care what anybody thinks. Be fair. Be loyal no matter what. Keep going. Soften up. Give people a break. Expect nothing. Give everything, Keep going. Allow yourself to be happy. Find out who you are and deal with that. Don’t’ stay in fancy hotels. Write good songs.

I think that pretty well sums up what I have got on my mind. With some exceptions this could be my story. I think I’ve given pretty well everything I could give to be where I am now. I’ve tried to get out of this pottery business. I think I’m winning!


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