Yoga Pants On Order

I wonder if I wore Yoga pants and took Maggie and Roxy everywhere I went whether I would attract more than a bunch of sweaty potter types.  This young woman has her mum bring to lunch every Sunday so that she can pet Roxy. She loves seeing those dogs.
We fired the wood kiln this weekend while scores of people came poking around wondering what the heck was up. Why would people be working so hard on a week end? I have not known what a weekend is for more than 40 years. It must be a funny feeling to take two days off every week. We had a five member crew this weekend. I had ¾ of the kiln for the upcoming show at Shane Norrie Contemporary. I would like to thank Jen Drysdale, Andrew Kellner, Cassara Kennedy and Emma Smith for being such an awesome crew. I love y’all to bits.  This was probably the most relaxed firing I have had for a long time. Great crew, awesome wood, good food ,conversation and fabulous weather with cool starry nights and the promise of some good pots.
Today I’m firing the gas kiln and catching up around the house. Don’t want to even go to the studio. I’m kinda brain dead. Going to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, do some laundry, read a book, make dinner and in general just do what I consider a weekend. The week did end except it ended yesterday afternoon. We had a lovely post firing lunch of yellow perch, chips and beer on the patio at The Green Frog Tearoom and then went to clean up the kiln kitchen and head home for a well deserved nap.

In the pic is Jen, my cousin Brenda, Andrew, two visiting potters from Ireland, Cassara and dawgs. Emma had to leave to lead a leadership camp. Photo of me, Emma and Jen watching someone else work.  Of course in almost every pic is one of the dawgs sleeping or seeking luvin. That is what they did for over 34 hours while the people worked and sweated. Yoga pants on order.


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