Adjusting my meds

I’m sure many of you think an adjustment of my meds is long over due. I tried to say no to drugs but they just wouldn’t listen. The jug drug is the monkey I’ve had on my back for decades. Like my jug teacher Mick Casson I make three types of jugs, roundies, shapies and meds. The med is the one I make the least of because it’s simple shape is one I have the hardest time with. It is really just a tall cylinder with a subtle swelling of the lower belly. I made 10 and wouldn’t you know it I was more satisfied with the last 3. Mick made awesome Meds. Wish I could dial back the clock and go back to Wobage Farm, Upton Bishop, Ross on Wye, Wales and work with Mick and Andrew McGarva again for a refresher.
I’m using my reclaim so I decided to make a hand built lip rather than pull it. Some prefer the reclaim but I always find it a bit short when I put it through my VPM-30 Peter Pugger. It probably could use another go through. I get 4- 12lb pugs from one hopper full. It is supposed to handle 85lbs  of clay but half of it is left in the barrel. I love this pug mill. I tried the little table top PP and it was really just a toy maybe for a recreational drug user.
I remember early in my career I had an old Hobart baker’s dough mixer and a pug mill run by pulley’s that went right past my arm. It was a scary arm eater that I am glad didn’t get a hold on me. A BSA Lightning, a Norton 750 Commando and 3 Harley’s what the hell was I thinking about my mortality? Someday I’ll look back on all of this and plow into a parked car.

With a lot of the flowers in bloom around here I am interested in keeping my jugs at a functional scale. They are flower vases really. Even I don’t have jugs of juice or milk in the fridge. I would of course use a jug for serving if I was trying to impress someone cuter than Andrew.


Vicki Hamilton said…
T, you are incorrigible! It's one of the things we all love about you....that and your fine writing. The way you express yourself on paper, and in clay, allows us to know you. Thank you.

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