I am totally excited to have received the invites for “Storytellers” in the mail today. I had nothing to do with the title and I love it. I probably would have come up with something like “ A Painter, A Sculptor and a Bull Shitter! More likely I would have titled it “ The Mutual Admiration Society”  or “Birds of a feather” since all three of us are total fans of each others work.

We all tell stories with our art. Narrative art tells an ongoing story of what is happening at a particular time in the artist’s life. I don’t date my work. I know exactly the time frame it was made in. I can tell you of the birth of a child, the death of my mum or dad, divorce, new loves, and most recently life begins at 65.

This carbon dating is all me looking at the work. Sad moments don’t necessarily mean sad pots. Looking back, I see that some of my strongest work was made during sad times. This can be a time in the studio were you listen to your own voice and not that of someone else. You dig down into your inner soul and have blanked out on what is going on in the world and what others think.  I’m having the time of my life picking the colours of my doors, rooms, furniture, art work, clothing, plants for the garden etc. etc. I’m telling my story not that of someone else or trying to please someone else. I fire next weekend and to be honest I forget what I’ve made. I’ll be as surprised as you are. Please come out to the lovely town of Stratford to see Mary, Shane and I. There will be good stories by three veteran “Storytellers”. Bring your shovels and your hip waders. I have a story that starts with” A man walks into a bar…..


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