Flock Off

Call me a chicken but I decided to fire the flock off the pots. Half of the flock is already loaded in the wood kiln. Each casting of birds I made I just eyeballed some colourants to give me different coloured song birds. I have red, orange, pink, blue and mostly just plain porcelain casting slip. I used the formula my Uncle Jimmie used for years. It is very tight at Cone 12 wood and does flash really nicely. Wood firing is a roll of the dice at best so I thought I had better check the flock before attaching to work.  We learn from experience that men never learn anything from experience.- George Bernard Shaw. I can use JB Weld or some other super strong epoxy to put the birds on their final perch.
It's been a couple of months since I've seen a pot of mine exit the kiln so I'm both excited and nervous. We fire this weekend and then again next weekend. By the time I have money to burn I will be burned out.
I am so looking forward to assembling my crew back here at Pinecroft again. I miss their goofy faces.
"The communal nature of the endeavour is significant. Most wood firing, especially long wood firing, demands the cooperation of a group of people. We sometimes forget the essentially cooperative nature of our craft- how we differ from some other artistic pursuits-and wood firing tends to reinforce and re-emphasize our interdependence." John Neely Utah State University.


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