Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

Andrew has been living here since June and Sunday was the first time we got to work together in the work shop.
I asked him to make tester glaze cups for four different clay bodies so I can show participants of a wood firing the glazes that are available on the four different clays. Katy Bryant see he can throw tight and fast. Then see what happens.
I am no longer a match for Andrew in the loose throwing dept so I decided I would hand build some black clay while he threw porcelain loaded up with $30 worth of his precious feldspar chunks. I watched him throw these jars sit back look at them and then wedge them back up. I was enjoying seeing this incredibly casual work. I told him he better not get fired at the London Clay Art Centre because there are probably 3 people in Ontario that would want one of these jars. He had better be nice to me cause I’m one of them. He can give the other to his wife and the other one will probably crack.  Check this dudes knobs.   The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools. -Doug Larson US columnist. I think I know a little about this.
I made these 3 vase stacks using the final feldspar chunks I had given to me from a rattlesnake infested cave on the Athabaska River in Alberta. I had better hang on to my day job as well. Oh yeah, this is my day job!

With all this unrest going on south of 49 it it hard too stay focused. If ever there was a time to feel grateful to be living in Canada it is now. I am very proud of my associations with people that don’t button their lips when they see injustice. It is going to take more than a stand on social media. Be of courage my friends!


tony,the feldspar comes from lytton where the thompson runs into the fraser. you can have more. trade for a ron myers cup? regards, richard
Anonymous said…
Richard: That makes it very expensive feldspar. Laguna is cheaper. T
Katy Bryant said…
Oh yeah, Gotta know tight to progress to loose, still need the control. Kind of like your drawings Tony, have to understand transition of 3-D to 2-D surface, tight then let it rip to fluid ......

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