Phone my boss

Phone my boss and tell him I ain't going to be making no pots today, tomorrow or the next day. It is not because I had too much weekend, too much of the fun pile last night or that I am just plain lazy.
 I have this lunatic former student that convinced me to make a series of clay bird houses. Oh, who is the lunatic since I agreed to do it. I'm enjoying time away from the wheel and I'm having crazy fun cutting up slabs and pretending I know something about building.
I had made a couple a few years back but used 25 lbs of clay for each one and they are a tad heavy for the living room wall. The lunatic woman saw them and wanted one. I wouldn't give her one so now  I'm making two outta 25 lbs and they are much easier to move around. She has talked me into having a show of them at her new to be opened gallery at Turkey Point which is a bird watchers paradise.
I even thought I was Richard Serra for a moment when I put up a steel wall at the back of the house. His work is minimalist sculpture and mine is more is more.
I know what you're thinking? How the hell is the crazy bastard going to glaze them? Well, I hate to disappoint you purists but I am going to fire them to Cone 2 and then paint them with Room Temperature Glazes. I used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paints to antique my kitchen cupboards so that is the direction I'm heading. Hope to visit the Albright Knox Museum in Buffalo to look at their amazing collection of abstract impressionist paintings before I attack the birds. And oh yeah there will be crackle, wiped away and dribbled surfaces.
Why do people make art that doesn't interest them? It befuddles me. When you have been in clay for as long as I have you have to change it up from time to time. This may be a colossal waste of time and resources but it has me sketching again and going to bed thinking about tomorrow's creations. I have the slabs rolled out waiting and I can hardly wait. Ain't that the way it is supposed to be?
Art is fun not drudgery.


paint ain't paint; it's looow fire glaze!
after all these ARE houses!
Barbara Rogers said…
I wonder if the happy birds will lay square eggs for you.
Anonymous said…
Expressionistic ceramic birdhouses, yeah!
smartcat said…
You and Mr. Gehry? Who, after all, was born in Canada.
Most inspirational.
Anonymous said…
Do what you love, love what you do!
Anonymous said…
Always trying to fit square bird in a round hole . . .
bptakoma said… for some cubist birds
Anonymous said…
But where is the cuckoo?

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