Act your age!

Act your age not your shoe size. Who wrote such nonsense??? As I look at my life as one always seems to do as it approaches the end of a year and the beginning of a New Year I can say that as a young person I always hung out with older people. Now that I am older it seems I hang out with all younger people.  Is it that I don't realize my age or is it I have no interest in talking prescriptions and body part replacements? I can tell things about my body aren't working the way they used to. Carrying two boxes of clay up the stairs was normal drill for me up into my 40's, now in my 60's a box is a lot and sometimes at the end of a day half a box is about all I can muster.
I had a lovely dinner last night at Emma and Jesse's house. Mr. K joined us! I smoked a sirloin tip and  Emma prepared a fabulous meal of good vegetables and a yummy dessert.
I commented to Emma how visually interesting their home now is. Every where your eye travels there is a piece of art (mostly clay) that engages you. It is thoughtfully and tastefully placed. Emma said " I learned that from you!" Hmm and now I read Kimmy Harcourt telling Emma she is the next best storyteller next to me. I'll have to defriend this little shit.
I feel very blessed to have these young people in my life, to have shared a wonderful meal of plenty and to look forward to travel and art in 2019. That said think of those that are homeless, hungry and lonely. Dip into your pocket for some change to drop in the paper cup, the Salvation Army kettle, or drop off a toy at your local Police station for a kid that will otherwise


Hard on my figure!
have nothing.
For it is in giving that we receive.


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