Always be afraid!

So M since ya admitted learning one thing from me here is another to ponder. Always be afraid but never show it!. Making Art for a living is really hard work and there are so many uncertainties.   Are the glazes mixed right and of the right thickness, is the wood dry, what is the weather going to be like, how is the kiln pack, ohhh it goes on and on and on. 
All the build up to having the work survive and then the kiln has the final say. Actually that ain't true the buyer does. Will they like what you have devoted blood, sweat and tears to?
Having made pots for 40 years now I wish I could tell ya that I am certain of a rosey future in my sunset years and yours but I can't. I'm afraid to, but I don't show it!
Being afraid is a good thing. It means you really care to deliver. You ain't sitting back like a fat cat. If you go into the boxing ring unafraid you just might get your bell rung. If you go on stage to deliver a lecture unafraid you ain't human. If you climb one of those ropes that you are so inclined to do and have no fear of falling you are one slip away from a broken neck.  .  
Here is confidence personified by my hero Mohammed Ali (The Champ or The Greatest) and the greatest athlete of my time. The namesake of the wood kiln at Pinecroft -The Champ. I have so much respect for Ali as a man of moral value, courage and reputably one of the greatest boxers of all time. 
"I fear only Ala"- Mohammad Ali
Be of fear and good courage. T


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