Hearing voices and disruptive ways.

I am actually hearing voices and lots of new sounds. When did they invent click, click on turn signals and tick, tock on clocks? Is this a recent invention?
On my way home from Ottawa I dropped in to see my grand parents Liz Willoughby and Ron Roy. I always seem to be about 20 years behind Gramps. I remember having to shout at him only to have him repeat "WHAT!". Ron showed me his new fangled hearing aids that are connected by Blue Tooth to his I-phone and his TV. Well Santa got me a pair instead of a Teardrop trailer. I was missing a lot of nasty shit that was being said about me and I was making up the endings of a lot of the foreign movies I like to watch. Accents were particularly hard for me to hear. These things are amazing.  I can pick Noisy Environment, TV, Cafe, Theater or Group Conversation. I can listen to my music directly thru the hearing aids and if a noisy truck drives by the volume automatically turns up. I can block out background noise which was always a problem for me.  I can now hear women and children- oops that might have been a reason to walk out on the deal.
So Christmas has been kinda nice around here. I haven't been under the gun to be all things to all people.  I'm back in the studio packing pots to ship to Functional Ceramics, in Wooster, Ohio. I won't be presenting there until mid April but in the meantime I have to be Tuscany for the winter tuffing it out for The Sake of Art. 
I got this good card from Andrew. Saint Nick has been offed by the elves so I won't be the only one  being tortured by Christmas carols next year. It's over, Nick. The game is up. 

Included was a note from Mr. K saying he thought of me and my disruptive ways when he saw this card. Har, har that's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Love the card, Andrew! Totally my dark sense of humour. 


Anonymous said…
Will your wanderings include teaching any summer classes at Mohawk College?
Anonymous said…
Please bring your magic to the "Hammer".

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