I love my small town of Aylmer, Ontario. It ain't got no gourmet coffee shops, no dog bakeries, no fine dining, no specialty fish shops, no specialty kitchen shops but what it does have is community.
I saw this display of hand knitted items all hung out on the railings of the local church. I thought hey what kid especially my grand children don't like purple and pink so I went up to see what was up. There were no price tags except a hang tag that read "Chase the chill in AYLMER take this scarf if you're cold or if you like it!"  Fortunately for me I met the woman restocking the railings. I said this is amazing how do I pay? She said you don't need to this is a gift from your neighbours. You can make a donation at your local bank but don't feel like ya have to. This is your neighbours sharing their love.  Well you can bet I am donating tomorrow.
Chase the chill in Aylmer, Ontario

Who wouldn't want handmade socks?
I was in Toronto this weekend with the intention of buying some Christmas cards. I love to send the written word- text and email is nice but not the same. I love paper! There wasn't a card to be found for under $6 bucks. Geezus that is a lot of money plus a stamp. So here I am tonight drawing my own cards. Not near as much time as the people spent knitting scarves, socks and hats. They are personal and from the heart. If you think you can't draw just make an "X0X" on a piece of paper and send it to a friend. It will mean so much!
My Christmas Cards-front
Back of card


Annied01 said…
Your cards are beautiful.
Warm scarf and socks makes a difference to
more folks than we care to admit. I think these
Knitted gestures of love can bring a warmth of another
Kind as well. Then warmth of human compassion.
Happy holidays xoxox

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