Nude in the living room

My daughter Robin keeps me in the loop with her life with grand daughter  Julia. We live a distance apart and that makes me feel like I am part of their lives. This picture of a catalogue of photos Robin gave me for Christmas shows the nude bust of "Marilyn" that I had in our living room when Robin was a little girl. I gave it to Robin to further embarrass her.
Robin tells me she had the best B-Day parties as Dad being Dad ordered pizza and pop and let the kids go wild. No making craft, no make your own pizza, make your own blah, blah. It was delivered and let the kids have fun.
Robin was always sure to put a t-shirt on Marilyn when her friends came over  as she was embarrassed that her Dad had a nude woman in his living room. Man times have changed as there she is displaying Marilyn buck naked.
I love you, Poppa.xo how much better than that does it get???? Love back atcha you two gorgeous women.


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