Simple ain't easy.

The Man in Black left his daughter Roseanne Cash a list of his favourite tunes. Well, I ain't ready to go trolling for ground trout quite yet but I thought I'd make a short list of what I'm going to think about in 2019. It's really quite simple. Fun , usefulness and meaningfulness.
First of all as part of my list I ran off  today to the St. Thomas  Liquor store and bought a bottle of Casamigos Tequila. Casamigos translated means "House of Friends". That is what my house is. Ya it is endorsed and owned by George Cluny who only wishes he was as handsome as me.
So my house will be continue to be a fun place.  It will always be a place that welcomes friends.
Jen sent me a note saying " You can't please everyone, you're not tequila!" Ya Jen I hear ya but I'll die trying.  I'm sharing this bottle with Santa on Christmas Eve. I have some cookies for him too.  I just might hear reindeers on the roof.
As for usefulness that might mean something I can use to have more fun. I work too much!  I've been eyeballing teardrop trailers ever since my friend Heather Smit put me on to them. Maybe some fly fishing is in my future. Maybe some kayaking.
Hurry up Santa, I'm thirsty!
 Maybe visiting some wood firings and staying over. I love to drive so it could be a new way of life.
Meaningfulness. Oh boy that is a heavy one. The continuation of being a friend is the first that comes to mind. Ya gotta be a friend to have friends!!! Sometimes that means you walk in when the rest of the world walks out.
My home continues to be a focus for me. The garden, the art, the furniture is all meaningful. I don't do things half ass or buy for the sake of buying. Everything that surrounds me is meaningful, visually useful and always fun to behold. Sounds simple, don't it? Simple ain't easy-Thelonius Monk


Annied01 said…
Perfection is easier to find in simplicity in my view. We too are looking ahead to a tear-drop trailer. Maybe an older one requiring some tlc. But first we have planned to change our vehicle for one that can handle towing that much weight around ... in 5 years or sooner D retires and health permitting we are hitting the road ! Have a very Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you lots of good kiln openings and interesting new ppl 😎❤️

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