A New Decade

I'm here in Seagrove, NC and things are under way for a brand new year and a new decade. Life sure changed in the last decade so I wonder what the next one will bring. Ya can't just sit at home wondering what's going to happen. Ya gotta make it happen.
Pretty excited for what's happening here in NC this spring.
I start my residency at Starworks this week. I'm itching to make some pots. I may start with some Brutalist inspired candelabras made with Beaver Pond clay. I plan to leave the silica chunks in it. So I have two months of making before my course starts here in March. The participants have been selected and it looks like an awesome group. I'm staying for Firefest at Starworks April 3 and 4. Ashwini Bhat will be creating the large sculpture to be fired at Firefest during my class so I'll just have to be around for the Celebration of Fire that weekend.
I am then returning again at the end of May for the wood fire conference held here in NC.  I am honoured to have been asked by Ben Owen to join his pre conference firing crew which will include Cynthia Bringle, Chris Gustin and John Neely. https://benowenpottery.com/events/2020/5/23/wood-firing-workshop-at-ben-owen-pottery
There will be 6 wood firings that week here in Seagrove. By registering for the Preheat preceding the conference you get to put your pots into three of the 6 kiln firings. Ben fires his kiln for between 85 to 95 hours. What a beautiful kiln!!!
Ben Owen's kiln
I don't know what ya call an anagama with two back chambers.  A Hybrid I guess!

Happy New Year Everyone. All the very best of health and happiness in 2020.


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