Slow Turning

The evolution of my pottery career has been like a slow turning wheel using soft clay. Nothing really came fast and furiously. I have skyrocketed to your attention over the course of 40 hard working years.
As I prepare for my one day sale today I lined up some pots returned from galleries and exhibitions. I have a couple of tables full of production work too for stocking stuffers and office gifts.
I looked at the one offs and thought about how it has taken years to make small changes that end up being signature changes in my work.
The once thrown handle on my bacon bowls became a couple of pulled handles and a textured slab. Then that became 2 pulled handles, a textured slab with holes poked in it to position flowers. So now bacon bowl becomes flower brick.
The traditional jug that I learned so long ago from Mick Casson evolved into a jug with a added foot, to a jug that is pinched, poked and prodded and now sports a double handle. Now even the handle gets poked,prodded and has holes in it
A sectional jug like I made at Wobage Farm with Mick

The added foot and the pokes and prods.

Hey Mick whadda ya think of that jug? Double handle squeezed- killer!

I started throwing the big handle at USU in 2007

Here is the handle 12 years later.- Gawd I''m a slow learner
.  It isn't Mick's anymore. It is unmistakably mine.
I told my friend Amber Zuber yesterday that it takes 7 years to learn the craft and another 10 to develop a signature. I underestimated the length of time for the signature. I am now working on over 40 years and the signature is getting less legible. I think that is a good thing.
If ya can come out tomorrow please do. I have red and white grape and some Kombucha for those that prefer. Got some Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy's sausage, cheese and olives.
If ya can't make it I can ship if there is something that ya can't live without.
"What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding?" - Nick Lowe
Love, Tony


Anonymous said…

You are right,finding your own signature style takes years and an openness to letting go enough to let your pots evolve. Not everyone has the guts to go with it. So many stagnant pots out there.
Anonymous said…
Are you up to styling a squatty potty?

Tony Clennell said…
Anonymous: Guts eh! Maybe stupidity. the market for stagnant is much larger than the one for being different. I have ben lucky there are enough people that want different to have afforded me a living for over 40 years.. TC

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