One more for the road!

Looks like my 2019 year is over!  I don't relax very well so I just have to make a couple more pots.  When I don't worry about who is going to buy them they are usually more to my liking. These ones are a tad heavy but I prefer heavy to light!
Looking back on my year I was on the road a lot. It was an awesome year maybe one of my best,
Italy for 3 months, presenting at Ceramics Functional in Ohio, David Stuempfle and Heather Smit at Pinecroft as well as my own workshops,  wood firings with awesome people, Halliburton School of Fine Arts, Bon Feu Deux, 260 Fingers, my first vacation and best of all two trips to North Carolina and North Carolina came here twice. This is the result of a blind date set up by David Stuempfle.
My daughter Robin told me I wasn't even to consider a potter. "Dad, you tried that twice and it didn't work out! There are lots of interesting women that aren't potters!!!" Find someone creative with a soft heart!.  Well, I've met a creative soft hearted jeweller that lives in a town with 100 potters. How's that for being sneaky?
  In Seagrove I went to the grocery store twice and twice I ran into potters- Chad Brown and Jared Zehmer. I go to the grocery store here in Aylmer and I know nobody after almost 7 years. I wanted to winter in Star/Seagrove before I met Jennie Lorette Keatts so this serendipitous meeting is The Universe once again looking after moi or maybe David has super natural powers.
So I'm doing a winter residency at Starworks in Star, NC which I am soooo
I know they are too late Santa but I just needed to

hope to fire them in the Ratagama

Ok they're heavy- they are for flowers!

Freedom- by Ritchie Havens.
looking forward to. Hoping to get to know Jennie and Seagrove better over the winter. Word has it my hand building buddy Heather Smit is joining me for a month as a Resident at Starworks. I'll see Jen Drysdale, Emma/Jesse, Andrew/Victoria at the Ratagama so my clay family is all in tact. I am a happy grateful man.


JLK Jewelry said…
Love those covered jars!!
Annied01 said…
I’m glad you’ve found someone to spend quality time with. It is not for sissies this growing older thing and conversation with another is always more interesting than talking to oneself. Xoxox
Tony Clennell said…
Annied01 : I'm not sure about that- when I want intelligent conversation I often talk to myself. All the best, Txo

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