Who holds the secret?

Who holds the secret to a long lasting love? Everyone is searching for it! Where do you turn when push comes to shove? These are the questions I ask of myself at Christmas when my year has wound down and there is not a mouse in the house.
My daughter Robin sent me this pic with the caption:" Handmade fish sticks. They aren't Captain Highliner but they still remind me of you. (Big KISS).  Snuggled on the green couch watching McGyvor and eating popcorn. Dad, we had it pretty good!
Apparently I served Captain Highliner fish sticks, rice and frozen peas a lot. The other high light was my pepper steak with Uncle Ben's rice and frozen peas.  I remember my mortgage was $640 a month and I made $900 a month part time teaching.  I peddled pots,  paid Peter and robbed Paul, cut our fire wood, spent time with the kids making lunches, laundry and being with them. We didn't have things but we had each other. I'm up to your secret for a long lasting love but as I reflect it is not things and not money.  I think it could very well be Captain Highliner fish sticks. Oh maybe a sense of humour helps. People seem to lose that very quickly.
Drop by The Cactus Lounge this Christmas-  the elf is making your Pino Grigio!


wade said…
Tony our kids got those fish sticks all the way down here in ga Love the post-wade and Pam
Tony Clennell said…
Wade and Pam: Miss y'all. Grits, and shrimp and good company. Love from the frozen north. Txo

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