Wild Bill Jones- NC

I thought  Andrew Kellner  aka Mr. K would like to see the work of Wild Bill Jones of NC. Wild Bill was the part time resident potter at Starworks when Dan and I were Artists in Residence in 2018. Wild Bill was making some very tight almost machine like work for an interior decorator that had a contract with Starworks. I bought a bowl of his personal work with some finger wipes.
It was a pleasure to see Bill's work in Triangle Studio in Seagrove. Kate Johnson opened Triangle and it looks amazing. She had some great work of her own, Wild Bills, Erin Younge and Andrew Dutcher.
Finger wipes look like an easy form of decoration. I have demonstrated finger wipes to people and watched them painfully and slowly draw their finger thru the slip. What I love about these pots of Bills is the sureness and directness of his commitment to make a mark. There is no time to stand there and monkey around. Finger wipes in my opinion require large motor skills. They say gross or large motor skills are developed during childhood and then we are taught better and improved skills.
I do have a liking for folk art painting, kids art and direct imagery on pots. Really nice pots, Wild Bill. Hope to see you this winter. T


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