At 260 Fingers in Ottawa I had an interesting conversation with a couple of Professors. They sure knew their stuff. He suggested that my work had elements of Brutalist architecture. Not being a student of architecture I had to come home and look up what he was on about. Oh yeah all the things I like seams showing, concrete oozing, jagged edges, sharp angles etc.
M and Duncan invited to be in on their last firing of Queen Anne for 2019. That kiln provides so much surface I wanted something sculptural. I had so much fun making bird houses I thought I'd try to get out of my Grinch persona this Christmas and create a candelabra.  They are going to reduction cool the kiln so I will put some laterite on it.
Brutalist candelabra 

I enjoy put pieces together

Queen Anne is well suited for sculpture

Little brother

I'm going to have a one day Christmas Open house this Saturday. December 14th 10- 4.   Firing the gas kiln this week with a bunch of little affordables ( cups, discreet wine cups,  textured bowls, stash pots and rice bowls. I got a bunch of great one offs from 260 Fingers and returns from  a big surprise closing of the retail gallery Shane Norrie Contemporary.  I will miss that gallery. They were very good to me. There is one you thing can always count on in craft marketing- CHANGE.

Oops.!Needed to read that again. 


Anonymous said…
Your tranformed fork is common in most real italian homes, that's how a real italian man gets more spaghetti on the fork in a single twirl. Enjoy!

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