Who'd have thunk it

We used to say I don't care if I never have any money
As long as I have my sweet honey and a shack in the woodland
Now we say I don't care if I don't have money, but it's not true
We can't live without money, no, because we don't want to
We want one of those and two of those, and oh that one looks neat, wrap it up
Put it on my MasterCard. Put it on my Visa
And I sing it now, hey hey, hey hey, who woulda thunk it
Hey hey, hey hey, who woulda thunk it- Greg Brown husband of Iris Dement- introduced to me by my buddy Dan Finnegan. 
It's Christmas and all are out at the mall spending oodles of cash. My fabulous year has wound down and I don't sit still well so I deek down to the studio to make yet another pot that is personal and has no particular home in mind. I'm hoping they might go into the Ratagama in Athens, Georgia. The Ratagama firing is my favourite week of the year. Surrounded by love, friendship, good food and drink I think heaven is in Athens, GA.
The Canadian Eh team are heading down to Athens to be with Ronnie and Hester as he celebrates his 85th birthday firing. 
Canada will be represented by Emma Smith, Jesse Black, Andrew and Victoria Kellner, Jen Drysdale, adopted Canadian Jennie Lorette Keatts and of course yours truly. The Arkells will be present- Steve Driver and his proteges Hannah and Logan from Arkansas. Susie Bowman will be in from Alabama, Nancy Green and the crew from UGA- Athens- Ted Saupe, Sun Koo Yuh, Min Soo Kim. . Doc Agel is showing up minus his man bun. Chuck Hindes is coming in to swap jokes with me.  Oh there will be others for sure. Ronnie and Hesters table just gets longer. No one is excluded. As it should be!
Should be lying by the wood stove like a cat but I've always worked like a dog.

Just can't leave them alone!

Pinch, pinch, poke, poke


Helga said…
You’ve been busy. One can be rich without tons of money. Family and friends are my wealth. Frohe Weihnachten to you Tony.
Jennie said…
They look good! Pretty soon you’ll be stoking the wood stove and hopefully have some time to lie around and enjoy it!

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