You can't teach Art!

Oops a bit of a spelling mistake!
Last year I was told you can't teach art. You can teach skills but ya can't teach people to be Artists. Of course I didn't believe a word of it. What an interview that was!
All kids begin as artists and then they are told tulips are red and grass is green.  As much as I've tried to be a kid again it is a struggle. Some of the people that have signed up for an intensive course with me in March at Starworks have indicated they want to be loose like me. I want to be loose like a kid. I was going to answer that you need to learn discipline and form before you can be loose but how would that apply to kids?They just make art with no concern for discipline and form. We quickly tell them to colour between the lines and don't scribble all over the page. Straight lines are best!
Of course this is a vase with flowers- what else?
Here is a picture of a floor that I just love. Man, it must have taken some work to scribe those floor boards. Would have been so much easier with straight true boards. True, but not as interesting. I would love this floor although there is room between the cracks for the chips and popcorn that fall outta my mouth. As in loose, it takes a certain amount of skill. Easier to be straight!


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