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In these unprecedented times the Arts are under more pressure than ever. Airlines and cruise ships although hard hit will be able to put up their assets to secure low interest lows when this curve flattens and we are back in business.
Main street, artists and arts organizations have subsidized their love of their careers since the beginning.  Artists and arts organizations product is their art and their strength is their people. We need to hang on to those amazing people.
I have a love on for Starworks and what they have created. I want to go back there and I want you too! It is an amazing place for we the creative class.
 I have this big empty black fridge that needs some love. If you have a fridge that's lonely or someone you'd love to send some love to consider donating to Starworks. You could decorate my fridge with red if ya are so inclined. Joe & Thoryn hearts can be linked to

Share the Love

STARworks Glass artists Joe Grant and Thoryn Ziemba want to help you send some love in the form of a glass heart to loved ones that you can't see in person right now. 
Joe & Thoryn have generously offered to give 100% of the proceeds from hearts sold by April 6 to STARworks. We are also adding more and more items to our online store. 
STARworks is closed to the public right now, but you can still shop online if you would like to support us. Click the button below to Share the Love by sending a loved one a glass heart or to shop for other STARworks and Artist Collection items.
STARworks, like many other nonprofits is suffering during this time when we are closed off to the public and unable to bring you the events, classes and other programming we have come to depend on.
If you have enjoyed the opportunities provided by STARworks in the past, we ask you to please help us continue our work. Please consider making a tax deductible donation by clicking the Support button below.
In addition to our usual donor rewards of exclusive preview parties, discount cards, customized drinking glasses and workshops, we would also like to Share the Love with you. One time donations of $100 or more and monthly donations of $10 or more each month will receive one of these limited edition heart magnets. Each magnet is handmade in the STARworks Glass Studio.
Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate all of you and look forward to a time when we can open our doors and welcome you to our studios, galleries and cafe & taproom once again. Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy.


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