A Creative Life

The front throat arch area of our train kiln is commonly known as the "The Triangle of Death" or in my words " The Devil's Lunch Box". The pots up near the firebox take a licking and a beating from the flame and ash. The ash encrusted surface is often gnarly and nasty. I made some bottles and experimented with proportion and handle placement. The vases were cut and reassembled using my gnar, gnar defloculated slip. Using the 1/3, 2/3 theory I think we can pick out the one that really works.
The ledges of slip will really provide a place for the ash to build up. I thought that the textures and patterns that I have currently been doing with my pots would be obliterated by the ash. The wonderful part of being blessed with a creative life is the opportunity to play and get paid for it.


wabi sabi said…
The vase on the left has the best proportions to me.
You are in indeed lucky!

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