The Italian Fat Camp

The cook (Luccia) here at La Meridiana is amazing. The lunches are more than we would eat for a big Sunday dinner. People seem to eat 5 and 6 course meals and yet still look slim and trim. I think it is a combination of the food being real and not processed and that this is a society that actually walks. At home I have seen people drive down their l00 foot driveway to put out the garbage.
Good thing we are doing a lot of walking here as the meals are toooooooo good to turn down. I said I wasn't going to eat bread. Well, I lied!
As a wee home work exercise we gave everyone one square inch of clay to take home and make something out of it. You can subtract clay but you can't get any more. There were the usual moans and groans but people went home opened a bottle or two of Chianti and came up with some nice little pieces. Sometimes when you limit peoples choices the creative juices are more concentrated.


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