The Wreck of the Barbie Ferrari

If you are wondering why I didn't put many pics up of the final firing it is because it wasn't all that great. 12 hours to move two chambers of pots with good body reduction and depth to the glazes is just tooooooo fast. "It's not the end of the world. It's just the wreck of the Barbie Ferrari."- John Hiatt. Everyone gets out alive and there is knowledge in mistakes. The shino was not the American style that we are all used to with orange and golden tones. It was what I call the Australian white shino that is primarily Nepheline Synenite and clay. Two- the firing went too fast. It is too bad we didn't have another 2 weeks of making and another firing. A month at La Meridiana would have been very hard on my liver and waist line.
I also convinced everyone to try "Crack" and it just came out white with no cracks. Here is crack on one of Sheila's boxes fired in our kiln slowly and with a nice ash deposit.
The teapot here is by Linda Jones who has been involved in clay for 4 years. I'd say a damn fine start.
We live! We learn!


John said…
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John said…
Welcome home! It is clear that Pietro needs a train...

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