Times they are a changin'

Bob Dylan must have been referring to the history of the old Medalta Pottery. It was great to see the different design stages they went thru in an effort to remain in business. I seem to remember my Uncle Jimmie saying they even made novelties to give away with popcorn at the show. He seemed to think this was the beginning of the end. This is a historical site and tours of the premises by guides is a must do. There is so much history in this building and the cleverness of production is still mind blowing to this day.
I want a beehive condo in my next life.


Anonymous said…
WOW...........is about all I can say. Good going for Alberta, some other places in Canada,it seems to be a seek and destroy atittude.
History be damned. until after the fact when someone realises , gee, we should have kept some of that??
On my trip out west, it will be one place I have to see!!
Thanks, Tony!!

Elise said…
What a fabulous post! I love the photos and am amazed that there is so much pride in this pottery and so much thought into making it a cultural institution for today. A smart company, that Medalta. If I ever tour that part of the world, I will be sure to show my support and visit.
Gosh those kilns are sooooooo fabulous!

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