I had a talk with my hostess Diane about the benefits of locating near ENERGY! Energy is in the form of people and places that exude the stuff we like. Good friends, hard work, little coffee shops, book shops, a decent pub but most of all a place where ya are with like minded people. People you like and people that are fun, honest and good to be around
I'll show a couple more pics from Medalta. This place is going to be the Archie Bray of Canada and is headed up by people with ENERGY. The Hat isn't quite what I'd call the town with the best book stores or pubs in the land but artists will move there, gentrify the place and VOILA the artist's Valhalla will appear. Check out the kiln that you walk into to watch a video on firing all the while the bricks are warm and there is a sound of burners roaring.
My workshop was at North Mount Pleasant Arts Center right down town Calgary. My prof John Neely said you can judge the quality of an art program by it's pot luck. Well, it was to die for!
Get this!!!! They have a wood fired kiln, a salt kiln, gas fired car kilns and best of all Bob Reimer who is a damn fine potter can maintain this facility. In the wink of an eye, I'd move across the street from the Center- ENERGY!!!!!!


Claudia said…
We came down from the land of the midnight sun in late September 2008 to visit the 'hat' and specifically Medalta. They were officially closed (their tourist season was over), but the lady in charge let us in and gave us a personal tour. Quite the place! LOVED the kilns.
They had placed some cone packs in the peepholes...okay, they didn't know, not being potters. When I told her where they really go she was so grateful, trying to get it 'authentic'.
Well worth the drive to visit there, the town is really neat too. Great walking trails and a super park. LOTS of clay, probably cheap to live there too. I'd go again.....
mugmkr said…
Hi Tony, thanks for this post. I had no about Medicine Hat as a clay center and now I want to visit and check it out. All the best! Owen

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