I owe, I owe

so off to work I go! It's been almost a month away from my regular studio groove while touring the Clay Rock and Roll Road Show. It took me a 12 hour sleep to get back in the routine of the studio. Always great to make new friends but it's also nice to reacquaint myself with my side of the Sealy Posturepedic.
I always start the cycle with some cups so I made my usual 13 cups and then made some vases. I made them without a bottom so that I could get my hand in there as an anvil to support the stamp when pushing from the outside. I had been throwing the foot ring in the shape of a foot but decided I liked the look of a trimmed foot better so I made a solid hockey puck slug that I then trimmed and secured on the bottom of the vase.
I'm thinking about sparking up the train as we have pots to send to AKAR Gallery for our show "The Northerners". Bruce Cochrane has already sent his pots and ours are unmade. No pressure! Let's wood fire and add some more pressure!!!


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