Thought I’d assure y’all that we got home before I finish the Tuscan blog. We had a lovely day in Pisa with a visit to the leaning tower, gorgeous dinner out and I got to swear at the buskers trying to flog fake Rolex watches and crappy beads to us. You actually have to get rude or give the look of a Mafia boss that I can do so well with my new hat. Got up for a breaky at our lovely B and B and the lady said in no uncertain terms “ You ain’t going no where!” The volcano has canceled flights. We looked on line and sure enuff every flight was canceled except ours. We sat waiting at the airport for 10 hours to get clearance to go. Our stomachs were in knots. They let us go and the pilot flew up over Scotland and across Greenland and then headed south to JFK, NYC ETA 10 hours. With luck on our side the flaps on the wings of the plane didn’t work so we circled JFK for an hour and a half while they got the fire trucks ready on the runway. Landing to an applause but then now we have to wait at the Delta counter in a Disney style line up at midnight for 3 hours to get another connection to Buffalo. 5 hours sleep in the airport and we’re off to Buff to take our prearranged bus/taxi that gets lost. This return trip had all the makings of a Fustercluck. Got news from one our students Cyndi she is stuck in Paris. We have our fingers and toes crossed everyone gets home from this European ash hole. What a way to end a perfectly great time!!!!


Bill Perrine said…
What a pain in the asp! Glad you guys made it safe and can return to "normal life". Saw your yunomis online from the AKAR show, very cool, nice contrast.

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