A Whiff of the Potteries

5 days ago I was drinking Chianti and eating Wild Boar Prosciutto in Tuscany and tomorrow I will be in the land of my birth Wild Rose Country (Alberta) drinking a cool beer and eating Alberta sirloin. I'm travelling with a favourite potter of mine Bob Reimer to "The Hat" Medicine Hat, Alberta. This is my home town and where my pottery life began. Bob and I will visit Medalta and I will be looking around corners for a nudge from my Uncle Jimmie who worked in the potteries in the early 30's.
I'll get some pics of the old pottery to post to my blog on Monday. I'm tired of travel and lugging my laptop around so be patient with me.
I also get to stay with Barb Tipton and Johnnie Chalke in Calgary. These two are the best to talk pots with on the face of this earth. Looking forward to my workshop in Cow Town.


gz said…
I remember Barbara and John from the Aberystwyth Potters Festival in erm.....1987 or 9?
Good to hear they are still going on.

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