Class of 2013

Tonight was the opening of the 2013 Sheridan Grad Show at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. It really was a hard decision to narrow it down to a winner. The winner received $500 cash and a show at the Gardiner. All five jurors picked the same two students. I call them the A team - Anne Marie Row and Amber Zuber. Anne Marie used a Dremel tool to pierce all of her work in black stoneware and porcelain. Amber used the narrative of baggage that she is carrying after the death of her father. Here is a pic of Amber and her proud mum. Amber took the prize this time. There is the Sheridan grad Best in  Show that in my mind is the big trophy. Anyone's guess for the next show.


Mr. Young said…
Anne Marie's work looks like the coral reefs here. Nice pieces!

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