Potters Shoes

They say you can tell a potter by their shoes. I have always bought quality. It all started after I read Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance. Wearing quality shoes in the pottery is rather destructive. I wore my Keens in the studio and damned near ruined them. They looked really awful! They were dried out and looking like garbage material. I went to the local cobbler to see if he could put some life back into them. They look almost new again. He said "These are good shoes! People bring me shitty shoes and say fix them. I tell them if I fix this part , that part will tear tomorrow.
Although I hate those rubber Crocs that is what I really should wear in the pottery. Hose them down at the end of the day. Going for a nice walk in my old happy Keens. They are the most comfy shoes I've ever owned.


mudheartpottery said…
I've solved the potter's shoes problem- I'm barefoot but with no Winter to speak of and endless Summer I am lucky - BUT you should see my feet!!! By the way your shoes look great.

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