Size Matters 2

Here are  a few of the pots from our second Size Matters hands on throwing course at Pinecroft. The one woman looking at her pot has been throwing since September. I maintain I can teach you how to throw faster than I can teach good handles. Handles are harder!
We are doing our level best to make Pinecroft the place to learn how to make pots. Our workshops don't end at 4pm. This past weekend after the workshop we all went to Port Stanley to a restaurant that serves the best Lake Erie perch and chips in the world and then back to my Uncle Herm and cousin Brenda's house at Pinecroft for some wine and my Power Point on a potter's 4 month study in Jingdezhen, China. We are receiving many rave reviews of the workshops and the total experience.


Cyndi Casemier said…
Congratulations Tony on succeeding at making your dream come true. Your own clay school! I continue to tell potters about you and suggest they check out your workshops.

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