Public Art is for the Birds

 I am very proud of what we are personally doing at Pinecroft to build Pinecroft Centre for the Arts using our own energy and money. This is all being done without the help of any government money. Today  I get a note from my friend Ying-Yueh Chuang about the eviction of the studio program at Capilano College in BC. Are we part of Harpers plan to have private enterprise fund the arts? It has been shown time and time again  the economic impact of the arts on this province and our entire nation. Maybe Harper doesn't understand  Terry Allen's line " Public art is for the birds!" Git it Steve- the pigeons, sparrows and robins etc. etc. I can't ever remember mixing politics into my blog. My blood is boiling this morning. Shame on those that think we can live in a world without the Arts.


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