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I maintain that potters should fill their homes with good pots made by others. Don't fill your house with your own pots. It is like talking to yourself. Surround yourself with good pots made by the best.
Also have a library full to over flowing of books on your subject- Ceramics. My buddy Bruce Dehnert has just published a book on Simon Leach. Bruce is a hellava good writer and he has some pottery family tradition to work with in this book. Add it to your library- I have! t


A few years back I was visiting a potter in her home. I commented on a pot and asked who made it. Her response was, "I did, I am the only potter in this house."

I looked around and realized that her home was filled with pots... all made by her, not a thing made by someone else. I thought it very odd.
smartcat said…
I collect mugs as I think they reflect a potter's work. And they are affordable so It's possible to have mugs from different times in a life.

I do use my own reject mugs in my cement floor studio and out in the garden as these are lethal places for anything breakable.

Downloaded books are wonderful for information, but there is nothing like holding the real thing in your hands.

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