It grows hair

I was at the Burlington Arts Centre today glazing some work for a gas firing. I used the shino glaze with soda ash in it. Soda ash grows hair. I have a shower cap on right now with my scalp soaked in soda ash. I'm hoping to wake in the morn with a full head of hair. Add a bit of RIO and I could be a red head or some black iron and I could be Elvis. Don't tell anyone of this amazing discovery till I pitch it to The Dragon's Den and ask for $500,000 and 25% of my company.


Anonymous said…
Oh, you make me laugh. I love it when I see hair on shino. It makes me itchy to get the pot fired. Have a super weekend. Bacon.
John Bauman said…
bubbles and hair
bubbles and hair
all them shinos got
bubbles and hair

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