Jimmies Shed

Work starts early at Pinecroft on a cold morning. They work me like a dog! Here is a pic of the shed my Uncle Jimmie and his sidekick Guy (pronounced Gee) built to house a fast fire wood kiln that we built some 30 years ago. They built the shed and never fired the kiln again. I went off wandering the world and my cousin Brenda built up the The Green Frog Tearoom. Well, we're united again and plans are under way grow the seed of a teaching facility that my Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Selma planted some 65 years ago. Herm is leveling the floor for a concrete pad to be laid. Seems my uncle Jimmie never used a level. He would always laugh and call himself a fine finishing chainsaw carpenter. In less than a month the kiln will be started. I can hardly contain myself.


Anonymous said…
I am sharing your enthusiasm, good luck!
Franssie with an s

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