A woman in my class came in with a teapot she purchased in the 70's while in Banff. Anyone care to guess who made? She purchased it for $25 which she thought was a bargain at the time. There was an old tea bag in it as she was still using it.  The curator at the Burlington Arts Centre said if she would donate it to the collection he would give her a tax receipt for in excess of $3000. Not a bad Return on Investment. She said no she would rather continue to use it for the occassional tea. It had a nice locking lid and the giveaway lug on the handle.
If you guessed Micheal Cardew you can move to the front of the class. I never thought his stoneware matched the lovely English slipware. Micheal would have been in his eighties when this pot was made.


Linda Starr said…
wonderful story and wonderful pot

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