Ash to the wall

Once in another life I taught Adult Education. I taught people that had no received their Grade 12 and they were there to finally achieve it. They were awesome people that all had real stories. They had all survived what many would have not.   I taught a huge First Nation's guy that I called Hoss. He was big like Hoss Cartwright from the show Ponderosa. He once put his arm around me and said "Tony, prison is no place for a small man like you!"  I answered" Yes, Hoss I'll take that under advisement. So no orange jumpsuit for me.  Hoss like you advised me keep your ash to the wall.
I flipped the tiles over and instead of showing the ash on the back splash I'm liking these wad comets on my bottom. There is no ash but great movement of the flame around the wads. These tiles were stacked 8 high and fired in the flue of the bourry box wood fired kiln. The gray will go nicely with the paint I picked out. I know they will be hard to clean. I know the surface will be bumpy. I know, I know. I like visual function over function. I can put up with all kinds of things my Amish friend's wife could not. I will enjoy cleaning the counter. I'm trying to make housework enjoyable !


Dennis Allen said…
Wad Comets ! I love it.
smartcat said…
Perfect! You have caught space and comets on tiles!
There are many ways to clean rough surfaces; I'm sure you'll find a way!
Anonymous said…
Clean is overrated anyway.

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