Antonio's Travelling Road Show

Not everyone has it or shows it!  Today I had visitors to my apartment that are going to be part of my life here. They have made me feel very welcome. "Class" is served up here in generous proportions.
This is my class of 8 chosen students for a 3 month intensive course here at La Meridiana. Sunaina from India is missing as her flight was delayed. I will introduce them all individually over the next week or so.
The world is littered with "would be" makers. ------------------------------You fill in the blanks!
The Motleu Crew

These 8 makers as well as my contemporary Franco Rampi  will devote 3 entire months of 24/6. Sunday is supposed to be a day off but I have plans for museum visits on Sundays. It will be 24/7 guaranteed. The difference between "would be " and "will be"  is the investment of time. How many spend their entire days for 12 solid weeks talking, making, eating and sleeping pots? This is probably my biggest teaching assignment ever so I have big expectations of them and of me. They will be for 3 months what I have been for 40 years.- obsessed, committed, engaged, and in the end- exhausted but still very enthusiastic about this life in clay!!!!!
The studio space is spotless and spacious.
Their world for 3 months.

We went out for dinner tonight and will meet for another "Welcome meal" at breakfast. Introductions in the morning, off to buy groceries in Certaldo for our apartments and then hopefully we hit the clay early afternoon. I'll give them an assignment to keep them in the studio till closing time at 8. Can't have them sluffing off on the first day.
Here are two more of the support staff that support Antonio's 3 month travelling road show. Every lunch is cooked by chef Luchia and her assistant cook Susan. It is taking a lot of determination to not eat everything on the table. I vowed I wouldn't have wine with lunch- I fell off the wagon on Day #1. I didn't want to stick out!.
Such an amazing duo.


w Hutchinson said…
What a great looking class, and one more student yet to go! How homesick I am for La Mer and Certaldo and wish you well. (FYI, like most risto's, Pizzeria Maroni is closed Monday's but otherwise so great for take-away.) Saluti a tutti!
Anonymous said…
If you come to Mohawk College, we have a small Tim Horton's. Tempting yes!
Gina mars said…
Don’t miss Certaldo alto, it’s a magical place. And the turtles out back.
I look forward to hearing about your journey. Always love your work.

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