The Spaghetti Western Begins

Well, I have arrived at La Meridiana School of Ceramics to begin teaching for 3 months. It was a long hard trip London, (Ontario), Toronto, Paris, Florence and then here to Certaldo. Peitro hustled me off to a little hole in the wall ristorante that only the locals could know about. Amazing! Bring food was the only thing needed to be said. I said this is delicious, what is it????" It is food enjoy!" was the answer. Of course without asking the meal started with Prosecco, accompanied by a good bottle of Chianti and followed by the waiter dropping off 6 bottles of Grappa for us to do a taste testing. Where else would this happen? The Grappa aged in bourbon barrels was of course my fav.
I've settled into my apartment here at the school and went for a morning walk feeling high on the scenery and the espresso.
The welcoming gates at La Meridiana

My morning walk

Why Clint Eastwood shot his films in Italy. Great scenery, better wine!

I wonder if I can make tequila outta this!

Garden sculpture by owner/potter Peitro Maddelena
Here are the first of the band of people I have supporting me here at the school. Francesca and Francesco. You have to be careful not to call Francesco Franscesca or he will get pissed with you.
The o is for the guy and the a is for the woman. So here is goes Nono- grandpa, Nona-grandma, Zio- uncle, Zia- aunt, Mario- man Maria- woman. I think I'm getting it the a is the woman and the o is the man. The two of them are here to greet 8 students from students from India, Australia, Denmark, and The US. Tonight a Welcome Dinner created by resident chef Luchia. What I do for the sake of art!!!!
Francesca and Francesco


Anonymous said…
ah la dolce vita,
or la dolce vita eh!

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