Tidying up is boring

I got a lot of flack when I put this pic up of my work space the other day.
Who the hell made this mess?
I've been busting it out. If y'all want to come on over and clean up this mess for me promise me one thing- you'll put it all back where it belongs so I can find it! When I am into making something cleaning up is the last thing on my mind. I work till the end of the day and then I have supper on my mind. People fiddle around making marks with little ribs and pieces of wood. Go ahead and try a crowbar. It really makes a mark!
It was New Year's Day today and I cleaned the clay trap, wet mopped the studio floor, cleaned my tools and went over and spent a couple hours splitting wood for the spring firings. I'm off to Italy on Friday so there is no sense starting some new pots and I don't sit around well.
I guess it's a New Year's hangover from hanging around with my
Where the hell is my crowbar?
Uncle Jimmie who if ya wanted to hang out with ya worked.. I'd rather be criticized for working too much than for being a lay about.
It's a New Year and a New Me- well at least for today.


gz said…
It's work in progress!! Have a great trip
Anonymous said…
Them thare are some clean tools, Tony!
smartcat said…
And you will come home to a clean studio ready for work!
Enjoy Italy. Toes crossed there will be many posts.
Barbara Rogers said…
OK, now you're probably packing...enjoy Italy, and as Suzi said, we hope to read all about it here! Barb
Anonymous said…
Tidy work space, boring work made - crazy work space, amazing work made!
Anonymous said…
You're going to have to be firmer with your studio assistant---

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