My partner in crime

I'd like to introduce you to my assistant and partner in crime Italian potter Franco Rampi. The 8 students in the course have two teachers- me and Franco. That makes for a 4-1 pupil teacher ratio. Name a ceramics school that offers this?
Franco at work along side me.

You learn well from repetition.

We are very complimentary. Franco is a beautiful precision thrower and I am an unorthodox maker with few rules and the mind set that rules are made to be broken. I take them high into the mountains and Franco makes sure they get home safe and sound.
Actually I gave the students only one rule. They are to love me more than Franco. This is could be a problem as he is such a great guy and so easy to love. It is so nice to have him as my co-pilot as he knows the school, the process and he displays amazing patience and energy. I am so glad to be working with him.
Most here call home or email love ones. I have Pepi that visits me each morning. She is the old cat around here and waits for me on the window sill in the morning. I don't feed her but first thing I go out and give her a scratch, a pat and a phrase of endearment.  I love cats! I have always said cats are so much more likely to be artists than dogs. They don't need you to survive. They are independent and will manage very well on their own thank you very much.
I cooked a bit of bacon for Pepi tonight. I'd be heart broken if she wasn't there in the morning to give me my morning kiss.
Pepi- my new Italian love.


gz said…
Looks a lovely set up.
Cats just know...
Anonymous said…
Ya loves the pussy and the pussy cat loves you.

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