I can't draw!

When I went to China with the USU gang John Neely insisted we take Chinese lessons first thing in the morning. It pretty well ruined our whole day dreading that class. A child knows what they want. A   parent knows what they need.
I went out for dinner and saw a painting by the assistant chef at La Meridiana - Suzanna (Suzie). It was wonderful and I asked if she might teach a drawing class for an hour twice a week. Ask here at La Meridiana and they make it happen.
To a person everyone in the class said they couldn't draw and I think they thought of me as we thought of John in China. What the hell are you putting us through this pain for?
Well, Suzie did a brilliant job and so did the students who claimed they couldn't draw. They are all excited to start sketch books and are looking forward to our next class.
I thought they would all push me over the hill at the Tuscany dump but in fact most came up and thanked me for making this happen. Whole new worlds are opening up. You must unlearn what you have learned and learn again. I can't draw is out the window.

Teacher Suzie

Some of Suzie's work

I love this one. I think it is going home to Canada

Travel series

I can't draw by student Jacob Butler


Helga Eckstein said…
What a terrific idea. Everybody can draw given the rightcfirectiin and Materials.
Anonymous said…
How you torture your students, is this to distract them from the pain that is yet to come?

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