Dan the Man

Dan Finnegan is joining us at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts to teach a 5 day course entitled "Animated Functional Ware".  Here is a description of the course and full details are available by clicking on his workshop at the side of my blog. 
‘Animated’ is an apt word to describe a workshop that intends to challenge participants to make useful pots with character! We will start each day with demos and end it with a cup of tea – in between, be prepared to move on and off the wheel as we throw, alter, assemble, handle and adorn our work. An interesting pot needs a suitable surface so we will spend the week working with colored slips. We will brush, dip, comb, resist, trail and pour slips as we build 025up layers of decoration on the surface of pots while they remain wet or leatherhard. This isn’t a firing workshop, but we will send you home with biscuit fired pots as well as recipes and approaches to glaze firing when you get home.


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