Poor, poor pitiful me

I’ve been in bed now for over 24 hours. There is nothing more pitiful than a man that is sick or at least that’s what I have been told mostly by women.  To add insult to injury I got a note from Robin “Grass” Hopper reminding me that I ain’t a young bull anymore and that I should read my own book and in particular the essay entitled “The Old Bull and The Young Bull”.
Herm and I went to the wood yard today to get another trailer of wood. There were bundles of side stoking wood that would have most anagama firers rolling in the mud in ecstasy.  I’ve decided every man needs a big man toy to move wood. I would love to drive that big Volvo. Ok, that’s enuff now back to bed. Where’s my mother when I need her?


Dennis Allen said…
Feel better.You can't really be sick or feel pain unless you have had a uterus so snap out of it.That loader does look like fun.Mine is smaller and mounted on a tractor but when you need to move something they are hard to beat.

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